David Norrgard
David Norrgard
Founder, Software Designer

I've mostly retired from running my custom software development company as a small business. In particular, I've retired from the sales and employee management responsibilities of being a small business owner. I still love designing and building custom software though, so I am continuing with my current clients as a sole proprietor.

My current clients are:

  • The Student Placement Center of the Saint Paul public schools
  • The Student Placement Department of the Minneapolis public schools
  • Minnesota Adult Basic Education (via Literacy Minnesota)

Plus a number of volunteer projects. Here a couple of the publicly viewable ones:

  • Saint Paul Sports — A volunteer website that covers all of the sports teams in the Saint Paul City Conference
  • Results, Records and Rarities — Everything you've wanted to know about the Minnesota State High School Hockey Tournaments (but didn't know where to look)